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Happy at Last

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Surviving your partner's affair and being last.....with the new Love of  "your" life !!! 

If you are like us, we had no idea the shock, pain and confusion of the realization that the person we love is unfaithful. Until it has happened to is almost impossible to grasp the reality of the impact this deception has on someone. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

The violation of trust....the broken promises...the broken dreams... can cause us to feel overwhelmed, displaced, and at times...a loss of what our future can hold. The fear of never being able to feel trust or "that kind" of love again can cause us to draw within ourselves, shut down...and in some cases cause what feels like depression. To say nothing of what it can do to one's self-esteem. Have you ever asked yourself..."What did I do to cause them to want someone else?" or... "I'm not pretty/handsome enough!" or... "I must not be a good lover" or..."It is my fault because .........?" --- You fill in the blank for that untruth. The bottom line is....they cheated because that is who "they" are. They made that choice to be unfaithful. To lie. To decieve. To be selfish and hurtful. They are the ones who broke the promises and our hearts, and we have a right to all of the feelings of hurt and dissappointment their actions have caused us.

We must remember that because of their actions, we can feel longer knowing where we belong....or what our next steps should be. The anger, confusion, grief, and pain can ultimately disable us from moving on with our lives. Ultimately, we move forward; but, the transition to our new life can be filled with self sabotage and we can possibly shut down to being open to being loved and trusting ever again. Let's be honest with ourselves....don't we believe we deserve better than that? We were the victims...not the cause....and we have a right to be loved.

The good news is absolutely possible to have a loving and fulfilling relationship that is even better than what you thought you had. We are here to share with you from our own
personal experiences, how we not only survived the painful, life changing experience; but, the amazing process we discovered that has brought us to an even more loving and fulfilling relationship.

Take a moment to read Chris's perspective, and from Angel's perspective, on
how we made it through and what this can mean for you!

Take a moment to find out more about how you can be happy too! 


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