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Happy at Last

Chris's Story

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First let me share with you that as a man, this was one of the toughest experiences of my life. Us guys think that we can pretty much handle just about anything...and
I guess I can admit...that I had no idea the impact my wife's unfaithfullness would
have on my life.

I was one of those men that believed that we had a forever plan. You know, a plan
for the future, raise our kids together, rent out our property and retire with a
decent income coming in, and that our promise to each other saying for better or for
worse would mean that neither one of us had to ever worry about experiencing
that "cheating" thing that many of our friends had happen to them.

Well, needless to say I was in for the shock of my life. Discovering that my wife
was unfaithful broadsided me, and brought feelings of anger, shame, humiliation,
disgust, distrust, inadequacy, fear, and most of all hurt.

I was at a loss as to why this happened...and took to temporarily blaming myself. I
even told her that I would take her back...forgive her....but, she was not interested.
She had already seperated herself from me emotionally, and I was left with dealing
with the loss of my wife, family, home, land, and my business workshop on our
property. Since we had two children, it was thought best that "I" move out.
Geeze...what a mistake that was. The struggles began and the ugliness of
seperation of "stuff" became an unwelcome battle.

One of the oddest things was how friends came out of the woodwork and began to
tell me the reasons they stayed away...that they didn't like her...that they didn't like
the way she treated me or the kids...and "Gee's a good thing you are out
of that!"  I'll tell ya...I sure wish they had said something. That one I will never figure out. The good news is....even after all I have been through, I have finally been able to move forward in my life...I have met my true soulmate, and am happier than I ever imagined I could be. I am looking forward to sharing with you how Angel and I met, and how we have managed to build a
wonderful life together !!.  






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