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Western Custom Saddle Stands

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Our custom saddle stands and all of our custom designed wood products are made of the finest woods, and can be stained to match any decor.  We presently have immediately available, stands made of Douglas Fir, pine, oak, and beautiful aromatic cedar.
The stand measures 33 inches tall by 24 inches wide by 36 inches in long.  It contains a practical shelf on the bottom of the stand to store boots, cleaning material or other tack items.  In addition, we have a seperate custom portable rack available that can sit directly into the saddle stand for additional storage and ease of movement of tack items.
The stand is durable and can hold the weight of the heaviest of saddles.  It's design is PERFECT for maintaining the shape of your saddle.
We are open to discussing any custom features you would like on your stand, and will consider design modifications to suit your specific needs.

Saddlestand with tray on shelf
The available removable tray fits perfectly, and is designed to be removed for ease of use

Saddlestand with tray
This is an excellent view of the abundance of space this provides

Here is a picture of a hook placed on the stand
This is great for holding various tack items

Beautiful Aeromatic Cedar Saddlestand

 Custom Saddle Stand
Our basic custom saddle stand comes with a placement area for your saddle, a hook in front or back for your spurs, rope, or bridle, a lower shelf, and an additional removable shelf is also available.  The wood color is natural Douglas Fir, and we also have pine, oak and cedar stands available.
$349.00 base price for Pine or Douglas Fir.
Please see pricing table below for additional information on all saddlestands.



Shipping information
Because it is important to us that your custom saddle stand arrive safely, we will be shipping it to you fully assembled. Please provide us with your City, State and Zip Code.  We can then provide you with a freight quote. 
Pricing is subject to your shipping request



Base Price
Douglas Fir or Pine
Natural - Uncoated..base price is....
To add clear coating...add $25.00
To add stain ...add $40.00
$ 349.00
Aeromatic Cedar
Natural - Uncoated...base price is....
To add clear coating...add $25.00
To add stain ...add $40.00
Natural - Uncoated...base price is....
To add clear coating...add $25.00
To add stain ...add $40.00
$ 490.00

Upgraded Saddle Stand
We realize that you may have specific needs for the show or storage of your special saddle.  We would be happy to discuss with you any special needs you may have.  Examples might be:
  1. Choosing one of our wood choices.  Douglas fir, pine, oak or aeromatic cedar 
  2. Special hook requests can be accomodated if you have a hook we can add for you.
  3. Hooks on front and back can be installed.  Presently, they are just in front 
  4. Dimensional requests like height change can be accomodated
  5. Miscellanous other changes can be discussed.  Just let us know what would work for you, and we would be happy to pursue the option.
Ask us for pricing....


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