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As a service to our customers and friends, we are now beginning to offer to share links to websites we hope you will find valuable.
If you are interested in being added to our links list, please send us an email to, and include a link to your website.  We look forward to exchanging links with each other, and helping our customers have a fuller internet experience as well as helping growth in our industry.
Thank you for stopping by, and if you have any comments regarding not only our links page; but, about our website....we would love to hear from you.  Again, just drop us a note at, and we will be happy to hear from you and respond.

Welcome to our sister site...Countryside Woodworks.  This site covers our unique, original, and custom designed items created for your home or tack room.  We offer western decor created by a master craftsman.  Items include hat racks, gun racks, furniture, and many, many more items.  Please click on the link above, and stop in and say hello.  We hope you enjoy the site.
This amazing couple and fellow horse lovers, have decided to share with others that true love, happiness and surviving divorce and cheating spouses is really possible.  They are truly each other's soul mates, and have decided to help others have the love and happiness they share.  Their stories are amazing...and to many folks...the situations are familiar in their own lives.  Hope you take a minute to browse through their site. 
We invite you to visit our renovations site, where we offer complete renovation services.  We hope you enjoy your visit, and we look forward to serving your renovation needs and addressing your questions.
Our Renovation Services Division offers renovation consulting services to assist you in evaluating your renovation needs and plans to optomize your results.  We perform onsite evaluations, and prepare a detail report on the most effective path you may consider to minimize your costs, while maximizing your desired results.  Please visit our site and take a moment to review our services.  Our desire is to assist you in reaching your desired goal, and enjoy all of your new remodeling plans.
This site will share with you the most amazing sand candles created by Roger and Vickie Francis.  They offer a variety of shapes and sizes, and over 60 fragrances.  Their candles are not only wonderful to look at; but, their fragrances are long lasting, and their candles fragrance is only released when the candles are lit.  This results in a full fragrance for as long as the candle burns.  The candles also have beautiful crystals embedded within the shell of the candle, and they glow beautifully as the candle burns!  One of the best features of the candles, is that they are refillable.  Refill kits can be purchased at their retail store, or can be purchased through their on-line store.  In addition, if you bring the candle into their store, they will refill it for you.  Please visit their site for many more details, and they will be happy to ship your order to you immediately.  Hope you enjoy your visit.  We love their candles..and we believe you will too!    


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